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Before submitting your paper please ensure that it conforms fully to the JAR Guidelines for Contributors. Papers that do not meet the Guidelines will be returned to authors for correction.


Presenting at a conference means exposing your ideas to experts in your field and inviting questions and comments that will ultimately strengthen your work.


Presenting and publishing your research has many professional and business benefits, including global access to major research and educational organizations, indexing in the world's leading science and technology databases, and establishing precedent for your research.

Apply For a Patent

A patent is a form of intellectual property that gives its owner the legal right to exclude others ..... Patents provide incentives for economically efficient research and development (R&D).

Benefits of Using RMS

IFSU RMS is an independent web based research management system providing researchers of the Ifugao State University publishable information on researchers, publications, funding, collaboration and national reporting compliance. Here are the following benefits the RMS offers to our dear researchers.

Real-Time Access

Upgraded research management software and functionality providing researchers real-time, online project information and control of research administration

Improved System

Improved connectivity, visibility, governance and control across the research lifecycle for researchers and research managers

Analysis, Monitoring and Governance

Enhanced capabilities for analysis, monitoring and governance of research

Client Satisfaction and Partnership

Enhanced client satisfaction and ongoing partnerships

Better Management

Improved analysis, management and reporting for risk management and compliance management

Operationalisation and Accuracy

Increased efficiency in project operationalisation and accuracy

University Research Department

Be empowered with the fundementals of your field of study that also incorporate entrepreneurial skills and expertise which are revelant to your respective industries and job markets.

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Research News and Highlights

IFSU Native Pig Project

As the only Higher Education Institution in the province, the Ifugao State University (IFSU) leads in contributing relevant researches and projects th...

IFSU Tinoc shows the way in organic farming

The Ifugao State University (IFSU) Tinoc Campus envisions to be a leader in promoting organic farming and good agricultural practices and sustainable...
24 April 2019

13 proposals pass Extension In-House Review

At least 13 project proposals were presented for review by extentionists from the diff erent campuses/colleges of the University during the In-House R...

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